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Here in Favgrance, our goal is simple, we want to make high-quality perfumes accessible to everyone. Why do we want to do that?

As someone who constantly looked for nice quality perfume,  we always had to pay a lot of money and as students, it was out of our budget. Another option was using fake perfumes, and, we did not like that because it left traces on the skin, and, it never smelled like the real one.

Then we found Favgrance, high-quality perfumes accessible to everyone. We carefully select all of our products and create a price that will make you all happy. Our final goal is to provide high-quality perfumes at affordable prices to all people in the US and Canada, so they never have to deal with buying unauthentic perfumes. We follow the latest industry trends and add new products to our collection every month, we want to make Favgrance a place where everybody can select their favorite perfume. 

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